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About AMPERe

"We are engineering the evolution of power"

Advanced Materials & Propulsion Engineering & Research Inc. (AMPERe) is a Research & Development technology transplant (from Europe) corporation, now established in Canada, whose primary competitive advantage is an extremely efficient, green and cost-effective Single-Stroke internal combustion engine (ICE) with near-universal applicability.

The corporate asset base includes a series of international ICE patents, together with the engine inventor – designer, and is supported by a talented team of professionals, along with deep supply chain and manufacturing experience and knowledge, an extensive talent pool to draw upon, and growing strong affiliations with Canadian academic and supporting institutions.

Our goal is to commercialize innovative and impactful products that are designed to reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. We are currently prioritizing resources to the power generation, aviation, automotive and marine sectors and plan to be commercializing and delivering products to customers in 2021.



Wojciech Gaj-Jablonski

Founder, President,
Chief Technology Officer

Mechanical Engineer, Master of Engineering (Cracow University of Technology) 30+ years in R&D, commercialized parasail trike and other European businesses with successful results.


Andrew Mahut

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

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MBA in business from Rotman School of Business and BACs in civil Engineering from U of T. Veteran of one of the most competitive markets in business; steel manufacturing


Luke Wolkiewicz

Chief Operating Officer

Skilled project manager with BA in International Business Development (Teesside University, UK), with years of experience in project management, marketing & sales in New York, Chicago, UK, and Poland.


Ray Kolynchuk

Chief Financial Officer

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MBA. Investment banker experienced in new product launches, technology commercialization and branding. Clients have included governments and leading global companies like Intel. Business experience in Asia, Middle East, Africa and North America.


Luke Wolkiewicz

Chief Operating Officer

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Skilled project manager with BA in International Business Development (Teesside University, UK), with years of experience in project management, marketing & sales in New York, Chicago, UK, and Poland.


Vic Moschitto

Director Marketing

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MBA in finance and marketing from York University. Leader with more than twenty-five years experience in the areas of customer insights and analytics, business models and profitability analysis of customer segments.

Intellectual Property

The company holds 4 PCT (global) patents and benefits from Mr. Wojciech Gaj-Jablonski  (President and Chief Technology Officer) and his prior ownership of a Research and Development company in Europe. Mr. Wojciech Gaj-Jablonski has made an institutional knowledge transfer including registering IP into AMPERe.


Mr. Wojciech Gaj-Jablonski has more than twenty years of engine design expertise with over 400+ built prototypes and with over 500 engines sold for ultralight aviation applications.

AMPERe has received an award from Canada’s TD Bank Sustainable Future Lab that is designed to strengthen international IP protection.

Research and Development

Technology Research and Development at AMPERe began with the unique Two-Stroke engines, bringing them to the final stages of TRL-8,9. The R&D  proceeded with the Single-Stroke Engine GEN1 development and optimization which led to the TRL-7. 
Currently, the Single-Stroke engines are being tested in a working environment for final optimization and commercialization.

The Single-Stroke GEN1 has entered TLR-7

The Single-Stroke GEN2 is at TLR-6

Technology Advancement (TRL).png