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AMPERe Exhibiting at Sun n’ Fun Aerospace Expo

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

From April 10th-17th the AMPERe team drove out to Lakeland, Florida to take part in the largest airshow in the Southern U.S., the Sun ‘n Fun Aerospace Expo! Our team transported engine prototypes to display at the exhibit and received high levels of interest from hundreds of visitors who stopped by our booth.

The Sun ‘n Fun Aerospace Expo is one of the most highly successful aviation events in the world with over 200 000 visitors every year. There are hundreds of aircraft on display and over 500 exhibitors with various services and products to peruse. In addition to the activities on land, there are a variety of daily and nightly air shows featuring aircraft of any shape and size flying overhead.

On April 11th, our team arrived in Florida and, after a quick rest, we were up bright and early the next morning to set up our exhibit at the expo. All the engine prototypes were elegantly mounted on stands and placed around the booth, while colourful backdrops were added featuring PXS drone technology and JabFly Paraglider Trikes.

A great number of brochures and catalogues were set out for visitors to browse through, and miniature 3-D printed drone samples were set out on the tables to further draw in passing aviation enthusiasts. Though the team was well prepared, it was impossible to predict just how popular our booth was to become during the expo, drawing in any and every person who walked by.

The exhibit was an immediate success with our booth gathering large crowds at all times of the day. In fact, the walkway in front of the display was often so crowded that others had difficulty getting by and many gave up the struggle of getting around the swarm and simply joined in with the people heading towards our exhibit. Due to the amount of attention our booth received, the event coordinators offered us an empty adjacent booth free of charge to better manage the flow of traffic around our display. Our team was on their feet the entire time informing, explaining, and demonstrating AMPERe technology and the future of aviation.

The entire week was a blur with long days in the sweltering Florida heat, however, the results were well worth the effort. Hundreds of visitors came by the booth with an interest in buying AMPERe technology and we were even given a chance to advertise our products on their local radio station. It was a very busy and highly successful week for the entire team, and we are looking forward to attending the Sun ‘n Fun Aerospace Expo next year as well!

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