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AMPERe first Startup to be chosen for TD Patent Protection Program

TD Patents for Start-ups program is a program designed to support start-ups with funding and assistance in their applications for intellectual property in Canada and the United States, the first program of its kind in North America. In collaboration with the Waterloo Accelerator Centre, the program aims to support patentable technology in the cleantech startups, while still allowing the patents to be held in the name of the company and ensuring that they retain all rights to their technology.

TD’s Intellectual Property and Patentable Innovations lead, John Death, comments “This next phase of the patents program is our latest step towards helping young Canadian innovators thrive. Welcoming cleantech startups to the program will help Canadian talent be leaders in addressing some of the world's most pressing problems."

In late 2019, startups across Canada filed applications to be accepted into this prestigious program, however, it was with great pride that AMPERe was able to announce, in early 2020, that they were the first startup chosen to take part in the program.

TD bank was searching for companies who will be able to support our country’s transition to a low-carbon economy and who have solid patentable technology that they will be able to support. AMPERe fit the bill on both accounts. In addition to providing us with a team of patent experts to help us navigate through the patent application process, TD bank has also provided us with financial support to support the filing of new patents. Thanks to their support, we were able to move many of our pending patents forward and apply for new patents quickly and easily.

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