Research & Development

Redesigning the internal combustion engine

AMPERe focus is research, development and farther optimization of an extremely efficient, green and cost-effective Single-Stroke internal combustion engine (ICE) with near-universal applicability.

With over 20 years of experience in research and development and more than 400 two-stroke engine prototypes, the corporate asset base includes a series of international ICE patents, together with the engine inventor – designer, and supported by a talented team of professionals, along with deep supply chain and manufacturing experience and knowledge.

While concurrently delivering on today’s social and governmental objectives:

  • Energy use reduction

  • GHG reduction

  • Cost reduction – improved standard of living

  • Transition to a carbon-free economy

Single-Stroke Engine

AMPERe has designed and is ready with prototypes to test one of the world’s first Single-Stroke internal combustion engine. This engine is designed to maximize fuel efficiency using conventional fuels (ie. natural gas, oil, diesel), however, with 90% fewer parts and a more tightly sealed engine compartment, it has been designed to operate on hydrogen.


Two-Stroke Engines

For over 20 years AMPERe is working on continued development and optimization of unique two-stroke engines with the "Opinion of Innovation" from the Silesian University of Technology from 2013


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