The history of the Single-Stroke Engine

AMPERe has started working on research and development of the Single-Stroke engines over 20 years ago as a personal project of the inventor.


To make this engine a reality, the inventor would eventually construct and improve more than 400 engines, which he divided into 3 generations. It was through constant research that the JabFly 240CC and JabFly 480CC two-stroke boxer engines emerged. After a thorough examination and analysis of the engines at the Silesian University of Technology, in 2013 the two-stroke engine received a rating of: “The best engine in the world in its class.”

The crowning achievement, however, is the “Single Stroke” engine with a working prototype rEV-r1 Mk 0.5 built-in 2014.


The rEV-r1 Mk 0.5 engine has unprecedented engine efficiency at 55% or above. The engine’s design allows for never before achievable “water injection powering” without harm done to engine components, radically decreasing the amount of fuel use (even up to 50%), significantly increasing horsepower, and significantly decreasing the number of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. The engine is not only energy-efficient, but it is also inexpensive, and it is composed of only a few yet safe components, making it incredibly eco-friendly. Intensive work is being done for the 2nd prototype of this revolutionary engine.

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