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Technology Overview

AMPERe focused on Research, development and further optimization of an extremely efficient, green and cost-effective Single-Stroke internal combustion engine (ICE) with near-universal applicability.

With over 20 years of experience in research and development and more than 400 two-stroke engine prototypes, the corporate asset base includes a series of international ICE patents, together with the engine inventor – designer, and is supported by a talented team of professionals, along with deep supply chain and manufacturing experience and knowledge.


With developed engines approaching higher Technology Readiness Level (TRL), AMPERe is advancing Research and Development and optimization by applying this research to the working environments in the forms of propulsion systems or powertrains for individual applications.

Some of the projects in which the engines are applied would create new verticals or increase existing markets.

AMPERe is working on optimizing its engines on installed Generators, UAVs and man-operated Ultra-Light Aviation.

The Single-Stroke Engines

AMPERe has designed and is ready with prototypes to test one of the world’s first Single-Stroke internal combustion engines. This engine is designed to maximize fuel efficiency using conventional fuels (ie. natural gas, oil, diesel), however, with 90% fewer parts and a more tightly sealed engine compartment, it has also been designed to operate on hydrogen.


Innovative Two-Stroke Engines

For over 20 years, AMPERe has been working on continued development and optimization of unique two-stroke engines and has received the "Opinion of Innovation" from the Silesian University of Technology in 2013

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Advanced Generators

Our innovative engines used in finished products like power generators are presenting new opportunities for the energy market. The unique and clean operating Two-Stroke and Single-Stroke engines implemented in generators create dozens of benefits for the customers, including significant cost savings.

ACE Inc. (Coming soon)

Propulsion systems for UAV and VTOL

Power eXtreme Systems (PXS) uses a unique Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Propulsion System powered by an innovative Single-Stroke Engine designed by Advanced Materials and Propulsion Engineering and Research Inc. as the power plant for UAV and VTOL, allowing for unprecedented new capabilities in ultralight aviation. 


Project SCAPHA

SCAPHA Autonomous Flying Vehicles Inc. (SCAPHA) is a private Canadian company focused on becoming a market leader in the global VTOL market.   


SCAPHA is a revolutionary Autonomous Flying Vehicle designed and developed within the Advanced Materials and Propulsion Engineering and Research Inc. (AMPERe) innovation ecosystem.

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