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Engineering the Evolution of Power

About AMPERe

20+ years in R&D

AMPERe is a private Canadian company focused on the research and development (R&D) of innovative advancements in the design and operating performance of engines.


Our goal is to commercialize innovative and impactful products that are designed to reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. We are currently prioritizing resources to the power generation, aviation, automotive and marine sectors. 


AMPERe works with strategic partners to enter new markets and accelerate product adoption. 

About AMPERe


Single-Stroke Engine

AMPERe has designed and will be commercializing one of the world’s first Single-Stroke internal combustion engines. This unique engine is designed to maximize fuel efficiency using conventional fuels and is built to operate on hydrogen while providing zero emissions. The engine has 90% fewer parts and is much lighter than comparable engines it will be replacing.


Two-Stroke Engines

For over 20 years AMPERe has been working on the continued development and optimization of unique two-stroke engines with the "Opinion of Innovation" from the Silesian University of Technology from 2013 stating the founder to have "the most innovative engine in the world" considering the high power to weight ratio and power per displacement. 

AMPERe is in the advanced stage of optimization and certification for bringing the new two-stroke engines to market.

Advanced Generators

Our innovative engines used in finished products like power generators are presenting new opportunities for the energy market. The unique and clean operating Two-Stroke and Single-Stroke engines implemented in generators create multiple benefits for  customers, including significant cost savings.


An innovative propulsion system based on the unique Two-Stroke and Single-Stroke engines create revolutionary possibilities for new UAV’s and VTOL designs and accelerated timelines to enter the market.

The unprecedented Power-to-Weight Ratio redesigns the way we think about drones and how they may be used in the near future.

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