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Robbery and Intellectual Property Theft Hit AMPERe.; Involvement of NATO Association Canada Members

AMPERe was robbed by an organized crime group, involving a former CEO and his associates. Legal action was initiated, and police response concerning. Official Press Release to be published soon.

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO, CANADA, July 10, 2023 -- Advanced Materials and Propulsion Engineering and Research Inc. (AMPERe) experienced a series of devastating robberies on January 6 and 13, 2023, carried out by an organized crime group. Recent internal investigations have unveiled the direct involvement of two members of NATO Association Canada, active and inactive members of the military, and others. Of particular concern is the revelation of Andrew Mahut's connection, as he was a former CEO who resigned from the Board of Directors on December 23, 2022, and was officially terminated on January 6. This discovery raises questions about the potential implications of insider participation in criminal activities.

Legal action has been initiated against the masterminds of the robbery, Andrew Mahut and Kathryn Langley-Hope, along with the involvement of individuals Sunil Ram, William Buba, Paul Szabunio, Eric Nickerson, Jeremy Kuyvenhoven, and others. The active participation of Szabunio, a military officer, raises concerns about the extent of his involvement in this criminal operation. Additionally, Ram, a former military personnel now affiliated with Strategic Defense Consultants, is facing further scrutiny due to suspicions of espionage and connections to foreign defense personnel. The high-level connections within the organized crime group may have contributed to the authorities' lack of action. Regrettably, the response from Halton Police was inadequate.

The break-ins targeted AMPERe's offices located at 2530 Speers Rd, Unit #7, Oakville, ON L6L 5K8, along with the adjacent premises of Woj-Tech Propulsion Systems Inc. at Unit #6 and Century Advanced Solutions Inc. at Unit #10. The criminal group stole a wide range of valuable assets, including patents, documents, computers, engine prototypes, aviation parts, software, confidential designs, employee records, power generators, and electronic media spanning 20 years.

Furthermore, internal investigations have revealed an alarming plan to sell AMPERe, with the assistance of Ram and Strategic Defense Consultants, to an undisclosed entity in Saudi Arabia for $120 million. This scheme aims to strip AMPERe of its intellectual property, patents, and prototypes, posing a significant threat to Canada's technological advancement and potential job opportunities.

Mr. Wojciech Gaj-Jablonski, Board Chair, President, and CTO of AMPERe, expressed deep disappointment regarding the unfolding events. He emphasized the importance of the advanced technological projects he brought to Canada. The theft and subsequent sale of stolen assets represent a severe setback not only for AMPERe but also for Canada's technological growth and advancement. Litigation is currently underway to seek $100 million in damages for the losses suffered by AMPERe, as well as $400 million in patent infringement.

"I came to Canada at the invitation of the Canadian government to lead groundbreaking global technological projects. Regrettably, my mission was abruptly disrupted when I became the target of a highly organized crime group. This syndicate, consisting of individuals affiliated with NATO Association Canada, as well as active and former military personnel, including Andrew Mahut, Kathryn Langley Hope, Sunil Ram, William Buba, Paul Szabunio, Eric Nickerson, Jeremy Kuyvenhoven, and others, orchestrated a series of calculated thefts. The initial incident occurred on January 6, involving Mahut and Ram, followed by a subsequent robbery led by Mahut on January 13 with the remaining members of the gang. Their actions involved the theft of patents, documents, contracts, shareholder certificates, computers, prototypes, aviation parts, software, confidential designs, employee records, electronic media spanning two decades, and even power generators. These criminal acts have inflicted consequences on AMPERe, causing disruptions and presenting formidable challenges," expressed Mr. Wojciech Gaj-Jablonski.

In light of the involvement of these individuals, Mr. Gaj-Jablonski expressed concerns about his personal safety and well-being. He emphasized, "Given the extent of their actions and the potential consequences, I no longer feel safe. If something were to happen to me, it would provide these individuals with the opportunity to take over AMPERe."

Despite the challenges faced, AMPERe remains committed to driving innovation in the fields of advanced materials and propulsion engineering. The company is confident that, with appropriate actions taken by the authorities and full disclosure of the facts, justice will prevail. AMPERe hopes that all those involved, including Mahut, Langley-Hope, Szabunio, Buba, and other perpetrators, will be held accountable for their actions. This accountability will allow the company to resume its operations and continue contributing to Canada's technological landscape.

About Wojciech Gaj-Jablonski:

Wojciech Gaj-Jablonski is an accomplished mechanical engineer and aeronautical expert with over 30 years of experience in advanced internal combustion engine research and development. With a Master of Engineering degree and numerous patents, he has made significant contributions to engine design and advanced materials. Wojciech's expertise extends to ultralight aviation, where he is a respected veteran pilot. His pioneering work on two-stroke and single-stroke engines, known for their higher power density compared to conventional designs, demonstrates his deep understanding of engineering principles and applications.

In 2018, Wojciech established AMPERe Inc. as a dedicated research and development facility. There, he continues to refine and optimize his innovative engines for commercial applications. Wojciech's unwavering commitment to technological advancement, coupled with his passion for propulsion engineering and advanced materials, has solidified his position as a prominent figure in the industry.

About AMPERe:

AMPERe is an advanced R&D technology company specializing in disruptive technologies for the transportation, aviation, power, and marine sectors, with multiple patents to its name. With a focus on highly efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective internal combustion engines powered by hydrogen and flex-fuel technology, AMPERe aims to establish itself as a market leader. The company's groundbreaking achievements include the world's first functional prototype of a Single-Stroke engine, offering a scalable and compact design capable of running on various fuels. With a Research and Development facility located in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada, AMPERe continues to drive innovation. As part of its growth strategy, AMPERe is actively commercializing its technologies through standalone companies, harnessing its expertise and innovations. With a vision to expand its market presence, AMPERe is also setting its sights on the United States, establishing a strong foothold in the country renowned for its technological advancements and opportunities.

Wojceich Gaj-Jablonski Advanced Materials and Propulsion Engineering and Research

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